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6 Summer Basics You Tought You Couldn’t Wear Being Plus-size

6 Summer Basics You Bought You Couldn't Wear Being Plus-size

I remember back in the days (when I was half the size I’m now) and thinking I couldn’t wear certain summer basics because of my size. I can tell you that summer was my least favorite season just because I struggled with dressing myself. And to be honest, 20 years ago, the trendy fashion choices for a curvy girl, were minimal to non-existent! But thank God those days are over. Besides the fact that I wear whatever I want, more and more retailers are coming out with a plus-size collection. And I’m down for it!

Ahead, You will see 5 summer basics you thought you couldn’t wear being plus-size. But it definitely should be hanging in your closet. So, my loves, it’s time to show off those gorgeous thick tights and big arms and embrace summer likes in 1999!


Don’t sleep in those shorts. If you’re not living in shorts this summer, you’re doing something wrong! Swap those jeans for this weather-appropriate alternative for summer and live your best life.

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Bikini & Swimsuits

5 Summer Basics You Tought You Couldn't Wear Being Plus-size
Photo: @Thunya7465

Invest in the perfect swimwear where you feel good and comfortable. If you’re still a bit shy or feeling awkward wearing one, I would recommend buying a timeless black one-piece. A black swimsuit is a must-have in every wardrobe which you can enjoy for years to come.

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Breezy Summer Dresses

photo: @abimarvel

Dresses are perfect for enjoying summer. They are laid-back, comfortable, breathable, and sexy at the same time. And basically, you can style them with anything. So don’t hold on to wearing one that shows more skin. There’s no need to hide arms and legs.

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White pants

Photo: @thecurvychapter

I quite love a white outfit in summer. I think it looks so stunning, fresh, and pure. It really doesn’t matter the size of your legs. You can always wear and enjoy the look of wearing white pants.

Bodysuit, Asymmetrical Tops & Tanks

5 Summer Basics You Tought You Couldn't Wear Being Plus-size
Photo: @KellyAugustine

A summer basic that will never go out of style is the button white (linen) shirt or the white cotton tee. But if you want to spice things up. Switch these basics for an asymmetrical top or bodysuit.

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Flowy Trousers

Photo: @thebiggerblog

Everyone deserves a comfortable pair of trousers. People think that if you are plus-size, you can’t wear baggy clothes. But that is also completely wrong, and so not 2021! Flowy trousers go with everything, and you can dress them up or down.

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