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My daily morning beauty routine

My daily beauty routine

My daily morning beauty routine has been pretty much the same for the last few weeks. I like to keep my makeup simple, fresh, and glossy. I just love the natural-looking skin and the feel of it. But somethings I enjoy going all out with the glam and play with different brands, textures, and shades. However, the full glam look I will share with you another time. Cause in this post it’s all about my daily beauty routine.

You can follow along with the below video to see how I apply my makeup. In this particular video, I’m using Rare Beauty liquid touch weightless foundation and liquid touch brightening concealer for my base products. But if I’ll be using other products, the application of my daily morning beauty routine would stay the same. So if you don’t own the same products that I used, You can still use the techniques. If you want to hop on and give these products a try, I have divided them into categories and linked all of them below for you to buy.




Bodycare & haircare

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