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What’s on my wishlist for April 2021

What's on my wishlist for April 2021
What’s on my wishlist for April 2021

Hi loves! I can’t tell you the amount of time I spend strolling on the internet. Besides the fact that it kinds of works therapeutic, I want to stay up to date on trends and what’s new out there. And to be honest, since being in quarantine so long, online shopping is the way to go! When I find something nice on one of my fav webshops, I place it on my wishlist. And no! I never buy anything immediately! Except when I was hunting it down for ages. Or if the urgency accords of me needed it at that moment. But the majority of the time that is not the case!

When the list is complete, I wait a few days, and then I go through every single item again. I do this to double-check if my feelings about the product are the same. For instance, maybe I don’t like it anymore or really need it after all. And by a few weeks, the list gets smaller and smaller. And all there’s left is a list with only necessary products. So in this blog post, I’m going to share with you my wishlist for April.

What’s new on my wishlist

To make things easier I’ll divided everything in categories. To shop an items, just click on the item. Here we go…


All these items are pieces I want to update my home with. The most exciting I’m about the olive tree! I’ve seen them pop up everywhere. And I understand why! 😍. And because we’re not going to vacation anytime soon, I really want to update the garden and created our little oasis. I can almost see it, or shall I say smell it 😊. Because we love a good barbecue!


Guys, a while back I ordered a sample of Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s famous Baccarat Rouge 540. Talking about pure delish! Oh my gosh, this smells so good! I’m obsessed! It’s feminine, sexy, and elegant at the same time. So immediately wanted to order it! Secondly, Armani Luminous silk foundation is a beautiful foundation that’s perfect for spring and summer. I run out, so definitely going to repurchase this again. Another great option is Dior Face and Body foundation. This one is also perfect to use on the body. Say hello to sexy shoulder tops 😍!


Ah, we have made it to the good stuff. Some of these items like the Chanel dad sandals are forever on my list. They’re quite expensive but, I can enjoy them for years and years to come. And by the grace of God, this year I’m finally buying them. For a more affordable option check out these Mango dad sandals, the quality is great!

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