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Clarins Aromaphytocare Tonic Bodycare Essentials

Clarins Aromaphytocare Tonic Bodycare Essentials

Ok by now, you guys already know that I’m a huge fan of Clarins. I seriously think that they should make me by now an ambassador 🤩😂. I mean, take a look at all the product reviews from the brand on the blog. So it’s clear; I’m a fan, isn’t it haha? So, A while back, to be exactly on International Woman’s day, I received this beautiful package for Clarins, filled with products, samples, and a box of heart-shaped chocolates. They really know the way to my hearth ❤️. Cause I love me some chocolate! But anyway, they made my day with their generosity and kindness. Two of these products were The Clarins Aromaphytocare Tonic Moisturizing Balm and The Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate. And in this blog post, I’m going to share my experience with these products with you guys.

Clarins Aromaphytocare Tonic Bodycare Essentials

Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate

The Clarins Aromaphytocare Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate is such a lovely product. Firstly let’s take a glance at the packaging. I love how minimal and chic it looks. And the orange really pops in every bathroom. It’s made from sturdy plastic and has some weight to it. It also lays good in the hand. So you don’t need to worry about dropping it when taking a shower, and things get slippery.

Scent: Minty and Citrus like 🤩

Formula and texture: A transparent white gel consistency that transforms into a slightly foamed milk-white cream. That’s being activated by the heat of your bath and shower. And when this happens, a divine explosion of aromatic scents like rosemary, mint, and geranium embraces and hugs you like no other. Relaxation starts now! The smell is absolutely delish and creates that unique spa moment right there in your own bathroom. The concentrate blends easily and leaving the skin feeling cleaned and soft.

Clarins Aromaphytocare Tonic Moisturizing Balm

After that amazing shower experience, I use the Aromaphytocare Tonic Moisturizing Balm. Again, the packing has the same minimal vibe and colors as with the Bath & Shower Concentrate. Only this time, it’s a squeezable tube.

Scent: And again, there it is, that citrusy scent that wakes you up.

Formula and texture: A thick, non-greasy cream that blends and absorbs quickly into the skin. So there’s basically no need to wait for it to dry to put your clothes on. Who else hates it when you’re wearing silk or other sensitive clothes and you stang them! That’s devastated!

Anyway, the moisturizing balm is formulated with hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera, Sheabutter, and essential oils. Leaving the skin feeling hydrating and soft.

Final Verdict

And again, Clarins didn’t disappoint me. Both the moisturizing balm and Bath/shower concentrate are beautiful products. The only bad thing about it is that I’m running out and need to spend some coins on buying new ones. Firstly, the smell of anything citrusy or minty always gets me. My brain immediately warns me that relaxation time is here. And in an instance, I forget about the day hustles/problems and just enjoy this self-care moment. This feeling is addictive! So be warned in case you want to grab your hands on these. I use them in my morning and night routine. But I appreciate them more at night (to be honest, I’m afraid of running out) cause I really sleep like a newborn baby after using these products.

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