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My Clarins Purifying Cleansing Gel & Refreshing Moisturising Cream

My Clarins Purifying Cleansing Gel & Refreshing Moisturising Cream

As much as I love makeup I love skincare even more. Taking good care of my skin is definitely a must. And in this post I’m going to focus on the two new products from Clarins which I incorporated in my daily skincare.

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Clarins is well known by the 30+ age group for their amazing skincare and beauty products. To target a much younger generation Clarins launched the My Clarins line. The products are mostly natural, vegan, and is the packaging recyclable. Let’s be honest, You can say I’m not in my twenties anymore if we are focusing on age. But as we all may know, age is just a number 😊. So

My Clarins Purifying Cleansing Gel & Refreshing Moisturising Cream

My Clarins Re-move cleansing gel

My Clarins purifying Cleansing Gel has been my go-to cleanser for the last few weeks. It not only cleans and removes makeup like a boss, but it also keeps the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

How to use

The blue foaming gel smells fresh and I love the fact that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance. I apply a generous amount of gel consistency on a wet face. The gel foams up and makes it easy to massage the skin.

The reason why I love it so much is because it’s gentle to the skin and does not strip it down. But lets the skin feels soft and clean. It even tackles down excess sebum. The packaging is a squeezable plastic tube which makes it easy to use. I even use it under the shower, especially when I’m in a hurry and need something that’s easy to use but still effective.

My Clarins purifying Cleansing Gel (125ml) retails for 20,55.

Re-boost Moisturizing Cream

My Clarins Purifying Cleansing Gel & Refreshing Moisturising Cream


My Clarins RE-BOOST COMFORTING HYDRATING CREAM is designed for dry skin.

Keep skin happy and healthy all day with our RE-BOOST Comforting Hydrating Cream, designed to nourish, energize and soothe your skin. Our best hydrating face cream for dry and sensitive skin features our new Healthy Skin [In & Out] complex. This includes organic coconut water to feed skin and Alpenrose extract to banish any nasty toxins. All you have to do is get up and glow

Natural🤍 Vegan🍃 Cruelty-Free🐇

If you have oily skin RE-BOOST MATTIFYING HYDRATING CREAM will be a better fit. And RE-BOOST REFRESHING HYDRATING CREAM for all other skin types.

Packaging: RE-BOOST COMFORTING HYDRATING CREAM comes in a small glass jar. That feels quite heavy despite being so small. I like that the inside of the lit doesn’t get gross after using it a few times. However, the circumference of the jar opening is smaller than the rest of the jar, so I think it’s gonna be quite tricky to get the last bit out. I’m now half-size down and I’m already struggling to get the cream out. I usually don’t like to use my finger/nails to pick up the product. So it would be nice if it did came with a spatula.


formula, texture: A perfectly well-blended soufflé, that doesn’t feel tacky or greasy. It melts easily into the skin.

This is a water-based formula made with 95% of natural ingredients. Highlighted ingredients are coconut water, shea butter, Alpenrose, fig, acerola seed, and goji berry.

Scent: A delightful fruity feminime smell, that is not disturbing at all. The smell does wear off, after it melts into the skin.

Application: Clarins suggests applying it every morning on a clean and dry face and neck. And this is exactly how I’m using it.

Results: As I mentioned before, I’m using the Re-boost Moisturizing Cream for a couple of weeks now. Even though I’m more like a fuller cream kind of woman, I still like this one. And to be honest, this line is created to target a much younger audience. But despite my age, I kind of like it.

It keeps my skin feeling hydrated and soft. It even gave me a more radiant look. I mixed it sometimes with a bit of foundation to create my own little cc cream. The words to use are, fresh, natural, and radiant! Love…! But you can also use it as a primer before your makeup. Especially if you already have dry skin. But if you don’t you can use an additional primer like The instant poreless primer from Clarins.


Al in all I love these products from the My Clarins line. Especially the purifying cleansing gel. I would defiantly repurchase this one. As for the Re-boost Moisturizing Cream, I will finish the jar. But I don’t know yet if I’m going to repurchase it at this moment. Not because I don’t like it or because it’s a bad product. But simply cause I like a much fuller cream in the winter.

My Clarins Re-boost Moisturizing Cream (50ml) retails for 26,35

Available at Douglas and Ici Paris XL

What do you guys think about these products? Let’s chat some more in the comments!

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